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Bandur SC 600

BANDUR® is essentially a pre-emergence, contact herbicide having only limited translocation activity within the plant. It does not prevent germination, but quickly controls germinated weeds, which is dependant upon available reserves in the seed, as well as the speed of weed growth and amount of absorbed of active ingredient . The typical symptoms of susceptible weeds treated with Bandur pre-emergence are bleaching and chlorosis of developing young shoot tissue.

Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
  • For ground application use standard boom sprayer fixed on the tractors.
  • Use water volume of 200– 300 Lt./ha
  • Apply when wind is low to reduce drift
  • Apply when the weeds are young and actively growing
Common Name:
Bandur SC 600 is a suspension concentrate containing 600g ai/l aclonifen
Mode of action:
Aclonifen is a bleaching compound of unknown mode of action. It causes an accumulation of phytoene (most likely due to an indirect effect of PDS) which leads to an inhibition of the formation of chlorophyll and other photosynthetic components.
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WHO classification:
Active ingredient: slightly hazardous
Product: slightly hazardous

Recommendations and rates of use

Crop Pest/Weeds/Malady Dose PHI
Lentil Sinapis sp

Capsella spp

Galium aparine

Raphanus sp

* Lolium spp

* Anagallis arvensis

* Capsella sp.
1 l/ ha (low to moderate weed infestations) spraying from 2 – 4 leaves

1.25 l/ ha (severe weed infestations) spraying from 2 – 4 leaves


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