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Ralon Super

Ralon® Super EW 144

Ralon Super® is a herbicide used on wheat in many countries across the world to control a broad spectrum of grass weeds at very low application rates. There is no risk of damage to crops planted after cereals treated with Ralon Super, since it is quickly broken down in the soil into biologically inactive degradation products.

Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
  • For ground application use standard boom sprayer fixed on the tractors.
  • Use water volume of 200– 300 Lt./ha
  • Apply when wind is low to reduce drift
  • Apply when the weeds are young and actively growing
Common Name:
Ralon Super ® EW 14.4 % is an oil  in water emulsion containing 69 g/l fenoxaprop-p-ethyl + 75 g mefenpyr diethyl
Mode of action:
Once in the plant, fenoxaprop-P-ethyl is quickly converted into the free D + acid fenoxaprop, which inhibits the biosynthesis of fatty acids leading to plant death. For the application in cereal crops, the fenoxaprop –P-ethyl formulation contains the safener mepenpyr-diethyl which absorbed by foliage and in cereals, enhances the rate of metabolism of fenoxaprop P- ethyl to water soluble non-phytotoxic products. No such enhancement is observed in grass weed species.
WHO classification:
Active ingredient: slightly hazardous
Product: slightly hazardous

Recommendations and rates of use

Crop Pest/Weeds/Malady Dose PHI
Wheat & barley Avena spp 0.6 l/ha (from 2 – 5 leaves)
0.75 l/ha (from 5 leaves - early tillering)
6 weeks after spraying


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