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Gaucho® WS 70 ROT

Gaucho is a seed treatment product with excellent systemic properties acting through the roots, ensuring protection of the plant against pests from the time of sowing well into the growing period. It has a broad spectrum of activity, particularly against sucking pests. In the soil, the active ingredient is released from the seed and forms a treatment-halo around the seed. Gaucho is absorbed very efficiently by the germinating plant and is transported in the sap-flow to the stem and leaves. Gaucho fits very well in IPM-systems and the grower is minimally exposed.

Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
Seed treatment before plantation
Seeds should be dry and free of soil deposits and clean at treatment.
Gaucho® WS 70 is a water dispersible containing 700 g a.i/kg imidacloprid
Mode of action:
Imidacloprid acts as acute contact and stomach poison. Extremely high binding affinity with insect nicotinergic acetylcholine-receptors leading to insect’s death usually within 24 - 48 hours.
May Trade
WHO classification:
Product: slightly hazardous

Recommendations and rates of use

Crop Pest/Weeds/Malady Dose PHI
Wheat & barley seeds Aphids 50 – 100 g / 100 kg seed N/A
Zabrus, termites 200 g / 100 kg seed
Army worms & leaf hopper 100 g / 100 kg seed
Cotton seeds Aphids 350 – 500 g / 100 kg seed
Thrips & leaf hoppers 350 – 700 g / 100 kg seed
Whiteflies 500 – 700 g / 100 kg seed
Seed Potatoes Army worms 50 – 100  g / 100 kg seed
Aphids & leafhoppers 15 g / 100 kg seed
Colorado beetles 15 – 22 g / 100 kg seed
Sunflower seeds Coleopterans & Aphids 1000 – 1500 g / 100 kg seed
Legume seeds Aphids, Whiteflies, Leaf hoper and Coleopterans 200  g / 100 kg seed


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